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27 August 2011 @ 05:49 pm
Round and round we go  
Title: Round and round we go Part 4
Pairings: HanHae, Hanchul, HaeMi, Qmi, WonKyu
Rating: PG
Summary:Donghae wants Han Geng, but Han Geng has Heechul. Donghae is willing to do whatever it take to get him, but Donghae never expected that 'whatever it took' came with another Heart that was set on him.
A/N: Oh lookie, we finally have a title! ^^


As if planned, all 13 pairs of eyes stared at him in confusion. It was Leeteuk who spoke first.

“Well… but if you’ve already decided, then I guess…” The leader stood from where he was seated at the sofa, and held out his arms. Walking towards Heechul, “—all the best.” He spoke into the younger man’s ear as they embraced in a firm hug.

From behind, Heechul felt Han Geng clap him lightly on the back as the rest of the group slowly stood and participated in the hugging session.

“All the best hyung.” Said person smiled when it was his favourite dongsaeng’s turn to give him a hug. Feeling so much more than having words to say, Heechul squeezed the younger man around his waist—nearly choking when the other did the same around his neck.

“Donghae ah,” He held his dongsaeng’s face in between both his palms and rubbed them lightly. “You know hyung loves you the most right?” He continued when Donghae immediately nodded. “Then promise you’ll tell me if anyone ever bullies you, okay?” He didn’t remove his hands until the younger man gave him a curious look before nodding. Smiling triumphantly, Heechul patted the other’s head.

“All right, now that Heechul’s done with his announcement, let’s talk about SJ-M. The rest of you can stay if you want to, but further instructions will only be for them.” Their manager hyung suddenly cleared his throat and spoke. The statement successfully brought the attention back to what the main focus was for the day’s gathering. The man raised a brow as he looked around the room when everyone went back to their seat— none was leaving the living room.

“The 7 of you will be setting off to Taiwan the day Heechul leaves. And just so to ease your mind, yes, you can all see him off before taking flight.” That stopped the oncoming protests that nearly bolted from their mouths. Manager hyung knows them best. “But, wait— does anyone of you have any problems with the sleeping arrangements?”

Donghae felt the words on the tip of his tongue as he contemplated whether or not to switch his room with Siwon. It was then that Kyuhyun spoke up. “I want to switch with Han Geng hyung.”

All eyes were suddenly fixed on him. Han Geng and Siwon both cocked their head to the side—eyes wide with question, and Kyuhyun had to fight the heat creeping up his neck. Heechul snickered and nudged him lightly beside him. Struggling to maintain his cool, he continued monotonously. “I’m scared of the dark— don’t wanna sleep alone at night.” The elder man beside him barked out in laughter.

“Very well,” Manager hyung then turned to Han Geng. “Are you okay with that, Geng?”

The leader of the mandarin group shrugged. “I’m fine with anything.”

“All right, so besides Kyuhyun, anyone else wants to switch?”

Donghae bit his tongue in resentment. He couldn’t switch anymore now that Han Geng is sharing room with no one, could he?

“Great,” Their Manager hyung breathed out on the word. “So everyone shall stick to this arrangement, and I don’t want to hear any further complains like the last time. Don’t say I didn’t take care of your interests, because I did let you choose your room mates this time round—“

“Sir, yes sir!” The whole 14 of them in the room said in unison.

“I’m serious—“

“Sir, yes sir!”

Some of them were already up from their seat and moving towards the rooms.

“Why are you guys like this?”

“Sir, yes sir!” They called out mischievously from the hallway. Hyukjae and Donghae were clapping in rhythm, laughing, and clearly enjoying teasing their poor manager.

Leeteuk smiled apologetically at their manager hyung, who was almost whining in desperation. He patted him lightly on the back.  He widened his eyes when he saw the elder man open his mouth, obviously knowing what the other wants to say.  “Sir, yes sir!” And he quickly dashed for his room.


“What are you looking at?”

Kyuhyun muttered, not taking his concentration away from the game device in his hands. He was sitting on the bed, against the familiar headboard, hitting the buttons on his PSP but that doesn’t mean he didn’t feel eyes boring into his form.

“Something’s up with you.” Zhoumi stood from his chair beside the bed and plopped down beside Kyuhyun, spreading his long legs out in front of him with arms crossed.

“What is it?” Eyes still glued to the electronic screen.

"You,” Zhoumi poked his cheeks. “You like Siwon, don’t you?”

Kyuhyun felt his fast fingers suddenly go stiff. Game over. “Damn it, Mi. Look what you’ve done—“

“AHA! You like Siwon!” Zhoumi grinned and took the game from the other’s hands and settled it on the bedside table. Kyuhyun wants so much to bury his head in the covers right now. He was blushing like a fiery red hot jalapeno. He snapped his head right up from his drawn up knees when he felt a painful smack on the back of his head.

“What the—“

“You idiot, I can’t believe you never told me!” The elder man sat himself so close to Kyuhyun with eyes so huge with curiosity, the accused man felt like killing himself from the embarrassment.

“What’s there to tell?” Was he whining?

“What’s there to tell?” Zhoumi forced Kyuhyun to look at him. “What’s there to tell?” The younger man cringed as the other literally screamed into his face. “After all that I’ve told you about Donghae, you ask me what’s there to tell?!”

“All right, fine, fine!” Kyuhyun struggled from under the weight of Zhoumi where the elder had pinned him on the bed. “I like him. There, I told you. What are you going to do about it?” Kyuhyun crossed his arms in defiance as he stared at the grinning man. “Why do you always look so silly when you smile like that?”

Zhoumi clicked his tongue at the remark but wriggled close to the younger man. Kyuhyun blew an impatient breath when the other hooked one arm around his. “When did it happen?”

Kyuhyun groaned. “Mi—“

“Come on, aren’t we best friends?”

The younger man sighed. “I hate it when you do this... After SJ-M started,”

“Aw, that’s so cute!” Zhoumi bounced lightly beside him and Kyuhyun rolled his eyes.

“What’s so cute about that? I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Let’s talk about you and Donghae instead. So, you must be so happy to hear you’ll be sharing the room with him huh? More get together time—”

“Yes, I’m more than happy with that arrangement and don’t you do this to me, I’m talking about you right now.”

“What are you trying to say?” Kyuhyun yawned and laid his head against the other’s shoulder. Zhoumi was slim but his shoulders are surprisingly comfortable to lie on. His were the kind you could depend on whenever you’re at your lowest, the type you can always trust to cry on— just like the elder man himself, trustworthy and especially loyal.

Zhoumi shrugged beside him. “You could use this chance to get Siwon to notice you, perhaps?”

Thick silence hung in the air and if kyuhyun wasn’t playing with the bracelet on his wrist, the elder man would have thought he had fallen asleep.

“I don’t even know why I wanted to switch actually. But yeah, you’re right. Perhaps…”

Zhoumi smiled and laid his head on top of Kyuhyun’s gently. The soft snoring sounds so familiar but this new information about the younger man wasn’t. All along he’d talked about his crush on Donghae and Zhoumi wondered how Kyuhyun ever knew the right words to say to give him comfort. So this is why. He lets himself drift off with Kyuhyun sleeping against his shoulder, thoughts of waking up with a backache the next day ignored.


You should know there is always a certain truth when the Chinese TV dramas like to include this line in their dialogues— because it’s true when they say the walls have ears.

A dark silhouette stood outside Zhoumi’s room, alone in the dark hallway now that everyone is asleep. Eyes wide in disbelief, stance stiff, and the hand resting against the door gently balled in a fist halted its original intention.

Oh holy jewels and twinkling stars in the sky, when did that happen?

To be continued--

A/N: Not much progress in this chapter, I think? Hehehe. But who overheard them??? Aha, it's up to you this time round Tori~
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FollowUrDestiny: HG01followurdestiny on August 27th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
ha, I know it would be that 'tall idiot' XD haha... but I wonder how this crushing and triangle/rectangle will work out XD will look forward to more from both you and Tori :D <33
summer0smilessummer0smiles on August 27th, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC)
Kkkkkk~ I had a feeling you guessed it from your comment in Tori's update. Hehe. Smart guess, you read my mind. XD I'm looking forward to how this will progress too! :)
melodyprower11melodyprower11 on August 27th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
well me and you were on the same page with the wonkyu XDDD Cha! I LOVE this chapter... but the ending TT_TT ahhh, no I have something i dunno gah! TT_TT lol I dunno what to dooooooo. Who heard them? *thinks an thinks* I can't decide! I NEED TIIIIME!!

lol. Good job summer! I love youuuuuuu~
summer0smilessummer0smiles on August 28th, 2011 02:00 am (UTC)
I was actually very nervous when i posted this because I really hope we are thinking the same. Yay! Hehehe. And I'm so glad you loved this! Uh... about the one who overheard them, well actually... i dont have anyone in mind too. HAHAHA I just wanted this to be more interesting. That person could be siwon, or donghae or even others. Hehehe. It's your turn to play around with this~ XD

Thank youuuuuu *glomps* saranghae!!!!!
catherine_leitecatherine_leite on August 29th, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
so! the tall idiot is siwon!!! *i'm happy that it's not zhoumi. khekhekhekehke*

who is that???