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12 October 2011 @ 02:53 pm
Love me (spin-off set in Forbidden Flame)  
Title: Love me (spin-off set in Forbidden Flame)
Pairing: HanHae
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A little peek into what happens after the events of Forbidden Flame.

It never stopped. Donghae cowers into the protective corner of his room, hands cupped both his ears, eyes shut tightly—blocking out every possible disturbance that causes his vulnerability to be exposed even more. A person might be strong, but how much more can one really take before the world within them crumbles? He pressed further backwards when the sound of shattered glass came through the door. Hot tears slid down unknowingly, he’s scared. When will this end?
Though, if you were to ask him this question now, the answer would still be the same as if you were to ask him a few months prior. He doesn’t regret this, because he believes Han Geng loves him.  The same man who confessed to him after all they’d went through, after he nearly lost his life, Donghae trusts him with his whole being, that the other man loves him as much as when they’d first started.
It’d already been months since the accident and the memory was still very vivid in his mind. The loud horn of the car, the ear deafening screech of rubber against concrete, and then the pain came even before the sound of glass shattering. Donghae shuddered as the memory ran through him. That’s where he can never forget, where he’d get nightmares every night. The shriek of protest as the transparent fragile matter hit something hard, and become a non united material—Donghae is terrified of it.
The man felt warmth spread throughout his shivering frame at the familiar accent, knowing whom it belonged to. He was grateful for the strong comforting bands that wrapped about his body, and he leant fully into it.
Han Geng frowned at the trembling bundle in his arms. He knows what was causing Donghae to react this way, but that’s not what worries him most. It is what really is happening to the other man that frightens him. He had been looking through some documents in his office and the house was completely blanketed with silence. But the next moment was the familiar whimpers that held him away from his work for the third time that week again.
Donghae was imagining things.
The first time it occurred, Han Geng had reasoned with the smaller man— how there was no sound at all, and hugged him to sleep later. The second time it happened, the elder had tried to reason again. But Donghae grew mad at him because Han Geng had raised his voice a little in annoyance. The third time, he didn’t know what else to do other than just being there, and waited until the frightened man calm down and fall asleep, before returning to his work.
No, this has to stop.
Han Geng called his friend the next morning.
“Tomorrow would be fine. Yes… ok, so he’s all I’ll have to bring? All right, thank you. Yeah, thank you so much.” He hung up when the click was audible on the other receiving end. Sighing, Han Geng got up from his armchair and walked around his desk. One hand on the knob, he swung open the door of his office before gasping in surprise at the man who came into vision. He panicked when Donghae stared back at him with eyes glossy as clear glass. He was planning to tell the smaller man about tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean he was prepared for him to find out about it himself.
Han Geng took a step back, balancing himself when Donghae launched himself onto him. The arms around his neck were choking him and his voice came out on a wheeze when it spoke. “Hae—can’t breathe—“
Han Geng sucked in a much needed breath when the arms loosened a little but never releasing him. He staggered some more when Donghae wrapped both his legs around his waist. The taller man held back a groan when he felt hot liquid against his neck. Feeling blindly around and using the familiarity he has for his office, he plopped down onto the couch beside the door.
Straddling the other now, Donghae made use of the new leverage he had and buried his face deeper into Han Geng’s neck. Not caring if his tears were making a rather watery mess on both their skin, he just wants to be as close as possible to the other man. He wound his arms around Han Geng’s upper back and dug his knees deep into the couch behind his lover.
Han Geng frowned even more at the silence that followed. What was going on? He had to admit Donghae’s recent behaviour was driving him crazy. The sudden screams and shouts, the anger he launched onto him, and then there were moments like these—all of which put Han Geng at a lost. He was never good with words, and Donghae made that incredibly significant with his unpredictable behaviours. So he chose to stroke his back instead, and the purr he earned told him he was doing the right thing.
Silence. It was still silence. The tears were dried on his neck, the lover in his arms was no longer sobbing. The strokes he was administering had slowed, and Han Geng was getting sleepy. Just when he decided to move and put Donghae to bed, the man finally spoke.
Donghae was playing with the collar of his polo shirt as he continued. “Do you love me?”
“Of course I do.” Han Geng tightened his hold around the man to emphasise his point. His mind was brimming over with thoughts—what would Donghae say next?
“I love you too.” Donghae nuzzled his nose against the pulse as he whispered. His finger tapped at the other’s clavicle, measuring the seconds that ticked by. He breathed in, and exhaled deeply.
“Hae?” Han Geng started softly. “Are you all right?” He moved his right hand up and down the other’s thigh, an act meant only to give comfort. His legs were growing numb from the weight settled heavily on top of him, but getting to know what really was bothering Donghae reigned over the initially overwhelming numbness. His other free hand came to rest on the younger man’s butt, patting it gently like how you would a baby.
“I don’t need a psychiatrist.”
The quiet voice resonated through the room. Han Geng stiffened, that was what he dreaded— Donghae heard him through the door after all.
“Donghae, let me explain—“
The smaller man broke away from Han Geng’s arms and sat up on his lap. “No,” He put both hands on the other’s shoulders to stop him before continuing. “Let me explain,” Donghae readjusted on the lap he’s sitting on, tucking his legs behind Han Geng’s back. “I—you—uh, how do I say this?” He scratched his head, feeling nervous all of a sudden. Finally meeting his lover’s eyes, his own set in determination, Donghae exhaled. “Let’s get married.”
“What?!” If Han Geng thought Donghae was already at his most unpredictable phase for the past few weeks, then he hadn’t seen the worst yet. His mouth opened and closed, wanting to say something but no words came. His heart was hammering in his rib cage, he was giddy as the adrenaline rushed through him, his hands were clammy—he was feeling all edgy as if he was the bride-to-be. “Wait… wait, wait, wait, hold on—“
“Hannie,” Donghae gripped both Han Geng’s hands and brought them to his lips, kissing every knuckle as he locked gaze with the other man. “Will you marry me?”
Han Geng’s eyes stretched so wide he thought they wouldn’t go back to their normal size. “Donghae,” He hissed breathlessly. “Are you proposing to me?” His arms were now held up on their own accord, to either side of his head like a criminal caught red-handed. Yep, Han Geng was still in shock.
“Yes,” Donghae dragged on his tone a little longer than necessary. And both men just stared at each other. The smaller of the two began nibbling on his lower lip, both hands clutched at each other. The other man was frozen in place with his arms still beside his head. It was getting dizzier for Donghae as he bathed in the jittery waiting-for-a-verdict-of-life-imprisonment moment, “Can you at least blink your eyes?” Hands on his hips, the younger man rolled his eyes in irritation.
“Get off.” Han Geng muttered in response.
It was his turn to be stunned. Donghae’s heart sank. He sat straight before scrambling off Han Geng’s lap. His limbs were weak from the lack of circulation, and he held on to the couch before deciding to sit down onto it for support instead. He watched as Han Geng ran an impatient hand through his already messy hair, at the expressions sprinting across his face. He looked on as the man dug through the drawer behind his desk, and pulled something out from it.
Donghae found himself leaning back into the couch in fear as Han Geng stalked up to him. His face was contorted into a mixture of confusion, anger, and irritation—it made him fear for their future. Had he ruined everything between them? Was he too eager into this? Maybe Han Geng had never thought of a future with him— and that thought alone was enough to kill Donghae.
It was when the taller man was on one of his knees, eye level with Donghae, holding his left hand in his two bigger ones, did the younger man feel a change in the atmosphere. Han Geng struggled with the object he dug from his drawer—Donghae’s heart lurched.
Han Geng took out the silver band that the black velvet box held. Holding the ring, he kissed the shiny metal before bringing up to between their faces. “Lee Donghae, I should be the one doing this.” He smiled when tears shimmied in the other’s eyes. “Will you marry me?”
Donghae grinned, biting onto his lower lip, twin streaks of shimmering happiness rolled down his cheeks— and he nodded his head vigorously. The tears came at full force when the ring that was going to seal the love between the two lovers was slid onto his finger. Perfect fit.
Han Geng laughed as he wiped away Donghae’s tears. “Silly—“
Words were cut short when soft lips crushed onto Han Geng’s. Donghae wrapped his limbs all around his lover as he was being lifted from the couch. Desperate, he weaved his fingers into the dark silk and pulled the head closer to him. Tongues tangled in a wet sloppy mess, Donghae didn’t care if he died from lack of air—he was already dead, drowned in happiness. Soft mattress touched his back, and he kept his limbs wrapped around the other man—except his hands, which tore at the restricting fabric between them.
Han Geng came up for air, panting as he pulled Donghae’s shirt over his head. He nipped the skin as he went further down the heaving chest. Dipping his tongue into the waistband of the jeans the other wore before dragging it together with underwear, down the sharp hips. He smirked darkly when Donghae bucked his hips against his face. Han Geng crawled up the lean length of his lover’s body and hovered above the flushed man on all fours. One hand trapped both the man’s and held it above his head. He swirled a finger around the leaking head of the man’s erection which lay hard on his stomach.
Chuckling hollowly when Donghae moaned out in frustration, lifting his hips for a deeper touch, Han Geng clicked his tongue mockingly. “So sensitive.”
“Why can’t I be the one to propose?”
“—because I’m a man, a man should be the one to do a proper job proposing.”
“But I’m a man too!” There came a whimpered reply.
“Yeah, but you’re my lovely pet, my bride, my wife, and who knows, the mother of my kids—OW!”
“Now let me show you how I can be a man! On your back!”

A/N: Forgive me, I was bored. (-.-)"

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FollowUrDestiny: Hanhae3followurdestiny on October 12th, 2011 08:57 am (UTC)
Hahaha the ending... even though I thought this would be angst throughout, but I guess Hae needed some reassurance? And it ended really sweet :D <333
summer0smilessummer0smiles on October 13th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC)
/LAUGHS/ trust me. I thought this would be angst throughout too. XD Thank you! <3
rinda_sjfishyrinda_sjfishy on October 12th, 2011 12:46 pm (UTC)
waaaaaah the sequel!! ><
well i think this will be angst till the end..but they are happy nowwww...they will marry soooooon :))
omo omo...and the ending XD it is hilarious ^^
thank you for this unnieeeeee...maybe you will write the sequel again after this?maybe their married life?hahahahaha
thank you so much unnieeeee *huggles ^^
summer0smilessummer0smiles on October 13th, 2011 01:32 am (UTC)
Not really a sequel, just a little spin off from that story. Hehehe. I just missed writing them. I'm glad you liked this. Thank you! ^^
catherine_leitecatherine_leite on October 12th, 2011 01:16 pm (UTC)
SWEEEEET! *squeals*
yeah, i also thought it's gonna be angsty!
i love the ending. :3
summer0smilessummer0smiles on October 13th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
*giggles* I have the exact same thought! But it ended up like this because I love HanHae too much. Lol! Thank you <3
Taffy "Miracle Shining" Anderson: Lovemiracleshining on October 12th, 2011 09:47 pm (UTC)
=^^= Now this was a cute ending to a wonderfully angsty/fluffy fic! Loved getting to see a little more into this AU and what a great ending to it! Thanks!
summer0smilessummer0smiles on October 13th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
Hehehe~ Thank you!!~ It was meant to be angsty, but then my little HanHae heart forbade. XD
haechronicsdizzchan on October 12th, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
Kyaaaaa!!!!! They're married nowwwww!!!
I wanna see how cute their kids.... >.<
Thankyuuuuu.... Thankyuuuu....
summer0smilessummer0smiles on October 13th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
/giggles/ Thank you!!! <3
jarieldjarield on October 13th, 2011 06:27 am (UTC)
You know? You should get bored more often....
This is an awesome spin-off... Donghae was so cute proposing to Hangeng...

Very very lovely indeed...
summer0smilessummer0smiles on October 13th, 2011 06:57 am (UTC)
Lol! that's very flattering. Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed this (:
lady_seohaelady_seohae on February 3rd, 2012 02:26 am (UTC)
Very beautiful... Ohh TTTT____TTTT
I was expecting for this to be super angst because the first part of this is intensely angsty, I was about to die in excitement *w*
But then you made it ended up that sweet, the mood is drastically changed, so at first I was like.... *give poker face* and continue to read *squeal* and continue again *red face on the hot scene* and squeal again hehee...

I was actually pretty lost because I kind of forget about the story on Forbidden Flame.. Definitelly gonna check on it later :D
Portertrinkdufreak on May 8th, 2012 03:03 am (UTC)
*worships you* thank you for this fic, and I really enjoyed this and it was smexxxy and cutttee and heartbreaking and by the end i was this glob of joy all happy. ayjayjay.
oh where did my heart go?
oh look, its melted on to the floor, let me clean that up.
*continues to worship you*
great job! love love love! and i plan to read in to your other fics. juuuust fyi~ <333
muahahaha that line "so sensitive" GAH.
okeee Im done!