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04 September 2013 @ 11:24 am
Some things you don't know  
Title: Some things you don't know
Pairing: HanHae
Rating: PG
Summary: He was a man, and as much as pride gets in the way a little too much sometimes, Donghae admits to being weak and vulnerable whenever he meets with the same problem.


Donghae cuddled deeper into the covers as he willed himself to sleep. He loves the rain, but not when it reminded him of how awfully lonely he is. Turning, this time, onto his back for the nth time ever since he hit the bed, he gave an exasperated sigh.

He bored into the white of the ceiling, suddenly taking interest in going over the shadows the moonlight created as it spills in from the panes of the windows. The emptiness in his heart pounded heavily into him with every patter of the rain on the glass.

Donghae blinked once. Twice. Sighing in defeat before slowly shaking his head, he closed his eyes. He hates himself at the wetness accumulating in his eyes. How can he be so stupid? He should not feel such pining towards something he will never have. He should not carry any more hopes just to have his heart broken in the end. All the should-not, yet he finds himself tripping over for the same reason again and again. And who was always the one to pull him back up?

He was a man, and as much as pride gets in the way a little too much sometimes, Donghae admits to being weak and vulnerable whenever he meets with the same problem. Turning onto his side again, he buried his face into the pillow. He craves. Craves for something he will never have.

Slender arms slid around his waist, Donghae gasped into the softness beneath his face. He knows whom it belong to.

“Hyung,” Donghae spoke into his pillow, not turning to face the other as he acknowledged his presence.

“It’s ok.”

“Han Geng hyung—“ Donghae whimpered but bit his lower lip quickly, not wanting his emotions to slip.

“Shh—“ Han Geng moved closer to the other as his arms wound tighter around him, giving him as much warmth as he was able to emanate in the cold night. He positioned his head close to Donghae's head. Both men lay quietly, not speaking save for the sound of rain and the even breaths they each took and released.

Donghae felt a sudden surge in his heart. He puts his hand atop the one at his waist, intertwining with fingers locked together. He felt the strength and comfort behind the grip that held him back. Wriggling backwards so he could be closer to the elder, Donghae held Han Geng's hand to his heart as he spoke out in a whisper.

“It hurts hyung. Why does it always hurt so bad?”

Han Geng snuggled impossibly closer until he can whisper right back, into Donghae's ear.

“Because we’re all foolish in love.”

Donghae felt something snap inside him. He turned into Han Geng's thin yet strangely comforting embrace, burying his face into his chest. “Why am I always the one hurt then? Whywhywhywhywhy?” The remaining of his sentence ended in a helpless chant. He doesn’t understand.

“Donghae ah—“Han Geng pulled back a little so that he can bring Donghae's face to meet him. The pained expression was unreadable to the younger man. Something he doesn’t understand again.

The remnants of twin shimmering trails still fresh on Donghae's face were a sting to Han Geng’s heart. He wants to wipe away the tears as much as he wants to wipe away any unhappy memories the other man had with all his previous heartbroken relationships.

Donghae sniffled as the two men continued staring at each other. Han Geng’s arms were still around his waist, while his arms held softly against the other’s chest, hands resting on his shoulders. As if sensing something, though not quite comprehensive, Donghae started backing away from the embrace. Han Geng caught him again, just before he can turn his back against the elder.

Holding his head firmly, tucking it under his chin, hands going around securing its hold, Han Geng made sure Donghae had his hands around him the same way. “Sleep.” The elder said gruffly, voice thick with unspoken emotions. He was afraid of Donghae‘s rejection at the tension in the younger man’s limbs. It wasn’t until Donghae started relaxing, breaths coming out in even ensemble before Han Geng began relaxing himself. He was surprised by Donghae when the other man slid one leg in between his to snuggle closer together.

“Thank you hyung.”

Donghae’s gratitude was spoken into Han Geng’s neck. The weary acknowledgement to his comfort for the younger man wrenched his heart so tight he was suffocating.

I love you.

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